What is complete oral rehabilitation? As the name suggests, complete oral rehabilitation is the total restoration of the oral cavity, involving the restoration and/or replacement of all teeth in the patient’s mouth.

The goal of complete oral rehabilitation

Complete oral rehabilitation combines aesthetics and the science of restorative dentistry to enhance the health, function, and beauty of the oral cavity.

Who is a candidate for complete oral rehabilitation?

Candidates for complete oral rehabilitation include those with dental issues that require comprehensive treatment for improved function and aesthetics.

The need for complete oral rehabilitation may arise from:

  • Lost teeth due to decay or trauma
  • Damaged or fractured teeth
  • Teeth with severe wear from prolonged acid erosion or teeth grinding
  • Persistent complaints of jaw pain, muscle issues, and headaches requiring bite adjustments (occlusions) 
How is the therapy plan for complete oral rehabilitation determined?

The therapy plan for complete oral rehabilitation is determined through a free examination at Dental Center 4Smile. Dr. Ivan Antolković will examine your oral cavity to assess the extent of issues and treatment options.
For patients from abroad, dr. Ivan Antolković can also approximately determine a plan of therapy based on dental x-ray of both jaws, which all interested patients can send to info@4smile.hr. If you decide to accept the treatment, Dental Center 4Smile will help you with advice, organize a transport from the airport for you and find you an apartment which is located near our clinic. 

Dentist Ivan Antolković will especially examine your:


The condition of your teeth will determine which restorative treatments you need, such as ceramic crowns, ceramic dental veneers, ceramic bridges, dental implants or prosthetics on implants. The dentist will specifically note any cavities and decay, tooth wear, cracks, short/long teeth, root canal problems and any tooth movement.

Periodontal tissues (gums):

If your gums are not healthy, you will likely need professional calculus removal or, in more severe cases, treatment for periodontal disease to ensure that your newly restored teeth have a solid foundation. Your dentist Ivan Antolković will look for deep periodontal pockets, excessive or insufficient gum tissue, periodontal disease and bone density irregularities.

Dr. Antolković evaluates teeth, periodontal tissues (gums), temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles, and occlusion. Correction of occlusion is considered before additional restorative procedures to ensure overall oral health.

Temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and occlusion:

A proper bite (normal occlusion) – one that doesn’t hurt when you close your mouth or chew, and one that doesn’t wear down or destroy your teeth—is important to your overall oral health. Changes in occlusion should be taken into account when the dentist plans complete oral rehabilitation. It is important to consider correcting the occlusion before additional restorative procedures are performed.


Aesthetic factors such as color, shape, size, and the appearance of teeth in relation to the gums, lips, mouth, side profile, and face are essential in complete oral rehabilitation.


Diagnostics involve records of your mouth, including X-rays, photographs, impressions of upper and lower teeth, and models of your bite.
After collecting relevant information, the dentist creates a comprehensive treatment plan to address all oral issues and complete the smile renewal.

To achieve the goal of complete oral rehabilitation, Dr. Ivan Antolković considers health, function, and aesthetics. Experienced dentists, like Dr. Antolković, have an accurate vision of the final result of complete oral rehabilitation.

If you live abroad and are interested in a therapy plan, you can contact us on social media; Facebook –  Dental centar 4Smile, Instagram  – doctor4smile , WhatsApp or email info@4smile. Doctor Ivan Antolković will recommend which type od X-ray you can take for your specific interest, and based on an X-ray you’ve sent us, provide you with a therapy plan.

What are the best prosthetic treatments for complete oral rehabilitation of edentulous jaws?

Patients with edentulous jaws, upper, lower or both, must also initially go through a process of planning and preparation for complete oral rehabilitation.
After dentist Ivan Antolković is sure that your oral cavity is healthy, he can start with implantology and/or prosthetic work.

The best solution for a toothless jaw is definitely dental bridge with 6 dental implants. You can read more about it in our blog DENTAL BRIDGE WITH 6 IMPLANTS – THE BEST SOLUTION FOR EDENTULOUS JAWS

One of the most popular treatments for a toothless jaw is All – on – 4 – prosthesis on 4 dental implants, you can read more about it in our blog ALL ON 4 – FROM EDENTULISM TO A NEW SMILE IN 24-72 H

And the most economical solution for a toothless jaw is semi-fixed solution – prosthesis on a bar placed on 4 dental implants. You can read more about it in our blog CASE ANALYSIS – Dental prosthesis on implants

In order to get your individual therapy plan and all the possibilities for solving your problem, order a free examination at Dental Center 4Smile. Find out what your options are, agree with Dr. Antolković on a plan and payment method that will allow you to eat, chew and laugh like you used to!