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A healthy smile greatly contributes to improving the quality of life.

Dental prosthetics is the most extraordinary field of dentistry because it allows us to change the physiognomy and appearance of the face while restoring the functionality of the oral cavity.
In order to create the best possible treatment plan for each individual patient, we need to make:

  • A detailed examination

  • A medical/dental history – consider the patient’s wishes and expectations

  • Analysis of their panoramic dental x-ray


Dental crowns are prosthetic restorations that are fixed (cemented) onto dental implants or prepared (abutment) teeth in order to restore their appearance and functionality. Depending on your wishes and possibilities, at 4Smile Dental Center you can choose between metal-ceramic, full ceramic and zirconia-ceramic crowns.


Dental bridges are prosthetic restorations meant to replace one or more missing teeth. They are cemented onto abutment teeth. Bridges have at least two abutments and pontics (crowns that replace missing teeth). They are made from the same materials as dental crowns and can also be cemented on both teeth and dental implants.


There are two types of dentures – semi-fixed and removableSemi-fixed dentures are solutions for patients who are not implant candidates. They are the only quality esthetic and functional option for such patients. Removable dentures are the most common temporary solution for edentulous patients who do not have the conditions for other types of prosthetic work.


  1. Abutment teeth are prepared according to the rules of the profession, depending on the material chosen for the final work
  2. The doctor takes precise dental impressions and sends them to the laboratory where the prosthetic work is made
  3. The work is tried-in
  4. The work is permanently cemented
  5. The patient is advised to get regular dental checkups


There are plenty of reasons – give us a chance and find out for yourself.