Which dentist in Zagreb do you recommend? – 4 Smile

  • Recommendation is one of the most important segments when choosing a dentist in Zagreb. It is very important to know what type of dental work is involved.

Dentists in Zagreb prices – Dental Center 4Smile

  • Prices at dentists in Zagreb vary. We try to adapt dental therapy to the patient’s capabilities.

Dentists in Zagreb experience – Dental center 4Smile

  • The experiences of patients at dentists in Zagreb are different. We encourage our patients to share their experiences with us so that our service is always up to par.

Dentists in Zagreb opinions – 4Smile Dental Center

  • How to choose a dentist in Zagreb? The opinions of our patients are very important to us. The recommendation certainly makes it easier for new patients to choose a quality dentist in Zagreb.

First appointment at a private dentist in Zagreb?

  • At the private dentist 4Smile in Zagreb, the first examination is always free. The therapy plan is made according to the needs and possibilities of the patients.

Dental aesthetics in Zagreb – Dental center 4Smile

  • Aesthetics is emphasized in today’s world as one of the most important factors in almost all segments of life, including dental aesthetics. A beautiful smile opens many doors.

Am I a candidate for dental implants? – 4 Smile

  • In order to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, it is necessary to do a first examination and a CT scan of the jaws.

Why choose a dental implant? – 4Smile Zagreb

  • A dental implant is the best solution for replacing a natural tooth. A dental implant replaces the natural tooth root, stimulates the jaw and maintains bone tissue.

What is the reason for tooth replacement? – 4Smile Zagreb

  • People think that if they are missing one tooth, it will not affect the rest of the jaw. Missing just one tooth can change the entire physiognomy of the face and smile.

My tooth is missing, what should I do? – Dental center 4Smile

  • There are several solutions for tooth replacement. Ideal individual therapy can only be defined with a thorough examination, orthopan analysis and jaw CT.

Dentist in Zagreb with acceptable prices 4Smile Zagreb

  • The therapy plan at the 4Smile Dental Center in Zagreb is adapted to the needs and possibilities of our patients. We accept a 10% cash discount.

The best dentist in Zagreb – 4Smile

  • Doctor of dental medicine Ivan Antolković, after many years of experience, opened his private Dental Center 4Smile.