Pediatric dentistry employs prophylactic and restorative treatments to keep primary and young permanent teeth healthy. Its patients are children under the age of 18.

It is important that you take your child to see a dentist for a preventive checkup before the age of three.

An important aspect of preventing any kind of dental pathology is a trusting relationship between a child and their dentist. It is essential that parents become informed about their child’s proper oral hygiene habits.

Primary teeth are important for a child’s physical and speech development, establishing eating habits and securing the places for his/her permanent teeth. Regular dental checkups are vital for early caries detection. They are relevant for both primary and permanent teeth, as they help prevent painful complications in the future.

In order to prevent caries formation, the patient is given instructions on how to properly maintain his/her oral hygiene, a topical Fluoride treatment and a fissure sealing treatment.

Topical fluoride treatment – a fluoride-based product is applied topically on the teeth, making them more resistant to caries formation.

Fissure sealing – a tooth’s fissures are closed using composite/glass ionomer materials in order to prevent primary caries formation on those susceptible spots.


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