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Orthodontics is a field of dental medicine which deals with straightening malpositioned teeth and jaws using fixed and mobile braces.

A clinical examination is necessary for establishing the right orthodontic therapy.

In child and adolescent jaw development, orthodontic therapy is used as a prophylactic measure.

Wearing an orthodontic appliance improves dental esthetics, but its functional aspect is crucial.

Orthodontics is used to bring the patient’s upper and lower jaw (occlusion) into a harmonious relationship, preventing possible dental, periodontal and temporomandibular complications.

There is no age limit for orthodontic therapy, although it is mostly conducted in adolescence.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Removable Appliances

They are worn only at an early age, during the phase of jaw development.

Fixed Appliances

They are the most common type of orthodontic appliances. Fixed braces correct the broadest range of anomalies and can be worn at any age.

Types of Braces


The most common, dependable and effective kind of braces.


Clear or colorful braces popular with teenagers and young adults.


The Lingual Method

The method of placing braces on the inner surfaces of the patient’s teeth.


An orthodontic technique of straightening teeth using clear trays (aligners) – “The Clear Brace.”

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