Ceramic Dental Veneers and how to choose the tooth shape that suits me best? Among the many different aesthetic dental treatments and opportunities to enhance and beautify your smile, ceramic dental veneers are widely considered the best possible therapy for perfect teeth. However, after deciding on the ceramic dental veneer treatment, the next important choice is – which tooth shape is most suitable for me?

Ceramic dental veneers can conceal various dental conditions such as tooth malformations, damaged enamel, cracked teeth, or color changes in the teeth. This treatment is preferable for most people compared to other treatments like simple teeth whitening. Teeth whitening changes the color of the teeth, while the shape remains the same.
A dentist in Europe, Zagreb, Ivan Antolković, recommends teeth whitening treatment before making dental veneers to match their color to a lighter shade of teeth and to achieve high smile aesthetics.

Ceramic dental veneers look much more natural than other dental veneers like composite veneers. Besides better aesthetics, the advantage of ceramic dental veneers is their durability.

How to Choose the Color and Shape of Ceramic Dental Veneers?

To choose the right ceramic dental veneers for your smile, many factors need to be considered: the color, shape, and material of the veneers are some of the most important. To choose the best shape for dental veneers, the shade of whiteness you want for your smile should also be considered.

A dentist in Zagreb, Ivan Antolković, recommends choosing the shade of the veneer that is achieved after whitening the natural teeth. This is to achieve the most natural look. If there are different shades between the veneers and the real teeth, there is a risk that the smile will look unnatural and fake.

Sizing your dental veneers should either enhance or balance the shape of your face. This is why round faces pair well with longer veneers, while heart-shaped faces better match shorter veneers. This also explains why longer face shapes pair poorly with long veneers, and wider face shapes do not suit wide veneers. It’s all about balance.

How to Determine Your Face Shape?

Of course, this information is only useful if you can reliably identify your face shape – and that can be much harder than it sounds. 

To make the process easier for you, here are a few tips:

Your face shape is, more accurately, your overall head shape; it is influenced by your neck, jaw, hair, and ears. The best way to combine all these factors is by drawing or somehow outlining the shape of your head and face. The simplest way to do this is by taking a photo or tracing your reflection in the mirror.

If these approaches yield vague results, don’t worry; there is also a third option: leave it to the experts.

Ivan Antolković, a doctor of dental medicine and owner of Dental Center 4Smile in Europe, Croatia, explained how he approaches choosing the shape and color of ceramic dental veneers:

“The great thing about what I do is that everything revolves around adaptation and facial balance. Dental veneers allow me to express my creative side, which simultaneously carries a high responsibility for creating someone’s smile. At the first, free examination, I talk with patients to see together what is possible based on their wishes. I also consider their personality, how they talk, facial expressions, how much their real smile has in common with the desired smile, the shape of their natural teeth, head, and face, etc. Once everything is agreed upon, I make sure they get the smile they want. Besides aesthetics, I pay special attention to the functionality of the smile. It’s nice to have a perfect smile, but it’s important to have the ability to eat well.”

How to Choose a Good Dentist in Zagreb for Veneer Therapy?

As they say, repetition is the mother of learning! Experience is one of the key factors but not the only one that is important. For creating truly beautiful ceramic dental veneers, apart from experience, the human factor is also important, i.e., how much the dentist is personally inclined to aesthetics, how well they can recognize it, and then apply an aesthetic approach. Besides the dentist, the material of the dental veneer and the precision of the dental laboratory, where the ceramic veneers are actually made according to the impression, are also important. And what is really most important is that the dentist listens to your wishes, explains all the possibilities, and ultimately gives you your perfect smile. For us, perfect means naturally beautiful, and for you?

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