Physiologically, hyaluronic fillers are natural elements of the skin structure which wear off during the aging process. They maintain the volume and elasticity of the face, making it appear younger.

Hyaluronic fillers are used to treat all segments of the patient’s face.

In the process of aging, the skin starts losing hyaluronic acid, collagen, subcutaneous fat and elasticity. As a result of that, as well as constant exposure to gravity and the use of facial muscles, we develop wrinkles, the face loses its volume and the skin is left looking dull and tired.

By injecting hyaluronic fillers, we are able to smooth out wrinkles and, most importantly, restore the skin’s natural tone which had decreased over the years.

Many studies show that fillers stimulate skin regeneration and collagen production.

The facelift effect is accomplished by treating certain regions of the face with special techniques.

Hyaluronic fillers can be used in the region of the eyes, forehead and cheeks, in treating nasolabial folds (“smile lines”) and lip augmentation. They can also be used to fill cheeks or accentuate the jawline, raise the corners of the patient’s lips or correct the general contours of their lower face.


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