Dental implant cost in Croatia – What Does it Depend On? – a frequently asked question by our patients. When it comes to avoiding the dentist, many people think that fear or anxiety are the leading reasons patients skip their dental appointments. In reality, it’s money. Fear of pain and fear of costs lead to neglecting oral health. Neglect is what actually leads to demanding dental treatments and increased costs.

If you’re missing a tooth or a whole set of teeth, your dentist has likely recommended a plan to replace them with dental implants. Dental implants allow dentists to replace a lost tooth from root to crown, mimicking the natural structure of a tooth. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most dentists consider dental implants the best solution for replacing lost teeth.

Unfortunately, many patients are concerned about the cost of dental implants. Although the initial investment is higher than other restoration options, the end result is a replacement tooth or teeth that will last the rest of your life and function just like your natural tooth.

Dental implants are undoubtedly a long-term solution for missing teeth.

Dental implant parts

The treatment with dental implants requires several appointments during therapy, which lasts from 3 to 12 months, depending on the case. The cost of a complete tooth (dental implant + abutment + dental crown) in Croatia ranges from €600 ($656) to €1330 ($1454), and worldwide from €930 ($1017) to €3320 ($3629) and more. The price depends on the material used and the cost of dental implant placement service. When you’re buying a dental implant, you’re buying a service, not a product. Keep that in mind when looking at the price. Dental implants are “medical devices” implanted in living tissue. This living tissue is also home to nerves, blood vessels, bones, and sinuses.

What affects the price of dental implants?

Also, what most people outside the dental profession are not aware of is that the procurement costs of quality materials in dentistry are extremely high. And not only materials but also instruments, the dentist’s knowledge, and equipment for performing dental treatments. It is necessary to take into account that all dentists worldwide who want to use quality materials choose from just a few dozen manufacturers. Although there are a large number of manufacturers, the quality and years of presence in the market make the difference.

This means that a good dentist in the US or Dubai uses the same dental implants as a good dentist in Croatia or Hungary. What raises or lowers their price is the cost of medical service.

The fact is that unfortunately, the price of dental implants is not accessible to everyone, which is why preventive care is important. At Dental Center 4Smile, for that very reason, we regularly warn that an annual check-up with your trusted dentist is something that should not be avoided. Of course, Dr. Ivan always tries to save the tooth in every possible way before deciding to extract it.

Before placing dental implants and replacement teeth, you may need to extract one or more teeth that cannot be saved or augment the bone. These preparatory treatments are additional costs but increase the chances of successful, long-term implantation. To ensure successful treatment with dental implants, it is necessary to prepare the ground and ensure a healthy foundation.

Dental implants are a long-term investment in the function of your smile. They are initially more expensive than other treatments, but with proper care, you will never have to think about that tooth again or worry about losing it.

Consequences of long-term neglect of tooth loss
Consequences of long-term neglect of tooth loss

When a tooth root is extracted, the bone that surrounded it gradually begins to recede. Without the root, the bone is no longer stimulated by chewing and biting forces. Within the first year after tooth extraction, there is a 25% reduction in bone width in the jaw, while bone height gradually decreases over time.

As a result, serious problems can arise both aesthetically and functionally, especially for people who have lost all their teeth. If you still have some natural teeth, the loss of bone mass can affect their stability, and the lack of replacement teeth allows existing teeth to shift into empty spaces. This can affect your bite and is another reason why neglecting tooth loss is not a good solution.

At Dental Center 4Smile, we use the most cost-effective dental implant system without sacrificing quality.

Payment options for dental treatments

At Dental Center 4Smile, we offer various payment methods. Since treatment with dental implants requires a longer period of therapy, payment, in principle, is made in phases of work. So, for example, you pay the first part when the dental implant is placed, and the second part after several months when the dental crown is placed, i.e., the final work. When you come for a free consultation at Dental Center 4Smile with Dr. Ivan Antolković, you can discuss the phases of work and the payment method that suits you.

Even if you live abroad, feel free to send us an inquiry, explain your situation, or even better, come for a free consultation, and you will receive a therapy plan with all the prices listed.
If you send us an x-ray of your jaw on social media, before we organize a potential trip for you, doctor Ivan Antolković will likely be able to come up with an offer and therapy plan. 

Keep in mind that each therapy plan is individual and if you are not able to have dental implants implanted, there are other quality solutions. The advantage of dental implants over other solutions is longevity and preservation of the jawbone.