Your smile says a lot about you.
It allows people to recognize whether you are happy or sad, talkative or shy, and whether you have confidence.

Yes, people can tell a lot from a smile. So, what does your smile say about you?

A ‘Smile Makeover’ is a way of investing in yourself by investing in your smile. It enhances your smile through teeth whitening, correction, and tooth replacement. Why not invest in your smile?!

When patients leave our Dental Center 4Smile in Europe, Croatia, with a beautiful and long-lasting smile that boosts their confidence and highlights their personality, we know we’ve done a good job. That’s why the dentist in Zagreb, Ivan Antolković, has dedicated himself to aesthetic dentistry, alongside implantology.

But what is a “Smile Makeover” i.e. the transformation of a smile and why opt for a “Smile Makeover”?

A Smile Makeover is a common dental treatment designed to enhance the appearance of your smile through one or more aesthetic dentistry techniques.

What is the purpose of a ‘Smile Makeover’?

A ‘Smile Makeover,’ or smile transformation, is a dental procedure designed to improve the appearance of teeth.

This includes teeth that are:

  • Damaged
  • Discolored
  • Crooked
  • Too small
  • Too large
  • Missing

Not all Smile Makeover treatments are the same. Different patients require different procedures to enhance the look and functionality of their teeth. During the initial free examination, dentist in Zagreb, Ivan Antolković, thoroughly creates a customized smile treatment plan for each patient based on long-term goals, dental needs, and the patient’s financial capabilities.

If you are a patient coming from abroad interested in a therapy plan, you can send us an X-ray of your jaw on social media or via email, and Dr. Ivan Antolković will provide his opinion on the therapy plan you need.

What dental treatments are used during a ‘Smile Makeover’?

Procedures commonly included in Smile Makeover transformation include the following (performed separately or in combination, depending on each patient’s needs):

Advantages of a ‘Smile Makeover’

A Smile Makeover offers numerous benefits, including customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs, predictable outcomes, and the restoration of a more beautiful, youthful appearance. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about your smile when so many minimally invasive and effective treatment options are available.

Are you a candidate for a ‘Smile Makeover’ treatment?

Various degrees of dental work are needed for your smile to be at its best, and each set of teeth is different. Let’s look at some aspects of a beautiful smile.

Spacing and alignment

How are your teeth aligned? Good alignment means having straight teeth that naturally follow each other. If you underwent orthodontic treatment as a child, you might have fairly straight teeth.

However, teeth are movable throughout life, so there’s a possibility that even a once ‘straight’ smile can shift over time. The same applies to spacing between teeth.

Ideal treatments for addressing alignment and spacing issues include orthodontics or ceramic dental veneers.

Damaged teeth

Damaged teeth can significantly impact the aesthetics of your smile and confidence, especially if they are in the front of the jaw. They can also lead to more serious problems like cavities.
A chipped or damaged tooth becomes vulnerable to substances that can break it down or cause root pain.

For minor cavities and small tooth damages, composite fillings (white fillings) are sufficient.

In the case of more extensive tooth damage, ceramic fillings (onlay, inlay, and overlay) or ceramic crowns are the go-to solution.

Missing one or more teeth

Gaps in the smile not only affect its aesthetic aspect but also the functionality of the smile, i.e., the other teeth in the jaw.

When you lose a tooth, it creates space for other teeth to move. This causes issues with spacing and alignment of the remaining teeth.

Additionally, if you’re missing a tooth, it also affects how teeth come together during a bite. Initially, this might not be a problem, but over time, it can lead to many issues: bone recession, headaches, teeth grinding, and jaw pain.

The ideal treatment for tooth replacement is dental implants. A dental implant replaces the natural root of the tooth, aiding in preserving the jawbone. Moreover, it is considered the most long-lasting dental treatment.

Tooth color

One of the most noticeable issues with a smile is tooth color. Fortunately, this is also one of the easiest things to fix. Coffee, wine, and other acidic foods attack enamel, leaving stains behind.

With professional teeth whitening at Dental Center 4Smile in Croatia, during a one-hour treatment, you can achieve 2 to 4 shades lighter teeth, depending on the condition and color of your teeth before the treatment.

Tooth shape and proportion

The size of teeth makes a difference. Are your teeth proportional to your mouth and to each other?

Many people have one or two teeth that are smaller than the rest, causing the smile to look unbalanced. And if your teeth are too long or too short, it also disrupts the aesthetics of the smile.

Ceramic dental veneers are an ideal treatment in aesthetic dentistry because they allow us to individually tailor the color, shape, and size of each tooth with minimal invasion of the natural tooth.

With the treatment of ceramic dental veneers, to align the smile line or slightly lengthen the crown of the natural tooth, Dr. Antolković performs gingivectomy treatment – surgical correction of the gums.

By correcting the height, thickness, or amount of gum tissue in patients who need it, we can improve the appearance of the results of ceramic dental veneer treatment and achieve an aesthetically perfect Hollywood smile.

Are you ready to restore your smile?

One of the best investments you can make is in your smile. A Smile Makeover improves the look and feel of teeth, automatically influencing confidence.

Regardless of your unique needs for a smile transformation, Dental Center 4Smile has the means to provide you with a beautiful and long-lasting smile!”

Even if you are a patient from abroad, you will find out that making a trip to Croatia, Europe, to get a new smile will not only be a life quality improving experience, but also an easy thing to do!
With the help of our professional 4Smile team, you will be provided with accommodation, transportation from the airport and all the necessary support and care you will need during your stay in Zagreb, and even after!

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