“How long does therapy with ceramic dental crowns take?” and the general duration of all dental treatments are the most common questions from our patients.

In this week’s blog from Dental Center 4Smile, we continue our series on the duration of dental treatments.

Read on to find out:

What are ceramic dental crowns?

Ceramic dental crowns are prosthetic replacements fixed (cemented) on prepared natural teeth or implants to restore the aesthetics and function of the teeth.

When is therapy with ceramic dental crowns needed?
  1. Large fillings where the restoration of tooth aesthetics and function is impossible
  2. Tooth restoration after endodontic treatment – teeth become weaker and brittle after treatment due to dehydration and are prone to cracking
  3. Poor aesthetics of natural tooth
  4. Tooth wear
  5. Tooth loss replaced with a dental implant and ceramic crown or a dental bridge consisting of multiple connected dental crowns
How long does therapy with ceramic dental crowns take?

As we have mentioned before, ceramic dental crowns can be placed on prepared natural teeth or dental implants.

In this week’s blog from Dental Center 4Smile, we will describe the therapy with dental crowns on natural teeth.

Therapy with ceramic dental crowns typically requires about 4 visits to the dentist, and the therapy itself is divided into 4 phases and can be completed within 7 to 10 days.

If you are a patient coming from abroad, a therapy with dental crowns will require 1 trip lasting 7 days. After just one week, you can go home with a brand new smile!
And what’s even better is that you don’t need to worry about organizing your trip, because 4Smile team will do it for you.

Our team will arrange the whole trip to your new smile, provide accommodation right next to our clinic, organize transport from and back to the airport and provide all the medications needed for the therapy.

Even after you get back home, you can rest assured that 4Smile dentists will always be available for you to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Continue reading to learn the exact protocol for therapy with ceramic dental crowns at Dental Center 4Smile.

4 phases of therapy with ceramic dental crowns
  1. Phase – Tooth preparation and taking impressions

After your initial examination and consultation for therapy with ceramic dental crowns at Dental Center 4Smile, you come again to complete your first phase of therapy.

The first phase can usually be done in one visit with Dr. Ivan Antolković.

In the first phase, natural teeth designated to support dental crowns are prepared.

After tooth preparation, the dentist takes impressions that are sent to the dental laboratory for processing.

Before leaving the clinic, the patient receives temporary dental crowns to protect the tooth surface.

  1. Phase – Trying the base of ceramic crowns

The second phase involves a short visit to the dentist to try the base of ceramic crowns and confirm that the crowns fit well on the teeth. This phase is crucial for the production of dental crowns.

The crown base can be made of pure Emax ceramics, zirconia, or metal.

  1. Trying ceramic dental crowns

Between the second and third phases, 3 to 4 days may pass, depending on how much time dental technicians need to prepare the first version of your ceramic dental crowns.

Patients often want to get their new smile as soon as possible, but they must be aware that it takes a certain amount of time and dedication from dental technicians to create functionally and aesthetically appealing dental crowns tailored to individual facial anatomy and smile.

During the third phase, functional and aesthetic tests of ceramic dental crowns are performed. Usually, one or two trials are sufficient, meaning one or two visits.

It may be necessary to have more trials depending on how satisfied you and the dentist are with the appearance and function of ceramic dental crowns.

Sometimes, it’s better to have one more trial than one less. Dentist Ivan Antolković wants to be absolutely sure that the shape, size, and color of ceramic dental crowns are tailored to your preferences. Appointments for trying ceramic dental crowns usually last no longer than about 20 minutes.

  1. Phase – Definitive cementation of ceramic dental crowns

The final phase of therapy with ceramic dental crowns is the definitive cementation of the crowns. Before cementation, it’s important that you are completely satisfied with your new smile. You will try the dental crowns one more time, sign the consent for cementation, and go home with your new smile.

We are aware that today’s pace of life is fast, and it’s hard to find and allocate time, so we will plan your therapy in advance and schedule appointments that suit you. The only thing you need to accept in advance is that there are time protocols for quality and longevity of work that must be followed.