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Sinus Lift

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There are several sinus lift techniques.

Maxillary sinuses are the cavities located in the back of the upper jaw.

In patients that have been toothless for a long period of time, the maxillary sinus is extremely close to the alveolar ridge, making the height of the bone insufficient for implant placement. In order to get the height required for solid osseointegration of implants, we lift the sinus using a synthetic bone graft, PRGF or parts of autologous bone.

Osteotome Technique
Crestal Approach Sinus Lift

A technique of lifting the maxillary sinus performed in cases of a minor lack of bone volume; it is a completely painless implant procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Lateral Approach Sinus Lift
Lateral Sinus Lift

There are two types of lateral sinus lift – the one-phase and the two-phase lift.


A technique of lifing the base of the sinus performed in cases of a major lack of bone volume; it enables lifting the alveolar ridge in order to create additional space, necessary for implant placement, alongside the existing bone. It is a completely painless procedure performed under local anesthesia. The implant is placed during the same visit.


A sinus lift technique performed in cases of a major lack or complete absence of bone. Unlike the two procedures described above, the two-phase technique requires a 6-8-month osseointegration period following the maxillary sinus lift. Implant placement is performed after successful healing.

All three sinus lift techniques performed in our practice combine synthetic and natural bone grafts and PRF/PRGF blood plasma in order to ensure the success of the procedures.

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