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Zagreb 4smile

Wherever you are the smile is always in style!

4Smile Dental Center

Where your teeth are in the right hands and your smile comes first.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best and most pleasant oral treatments possible. We work with our patients to preserve their oral health and masticatory system balance, as well as provide them with desired dental and facial esthetic treatments. A healthy smile greatly improves the quality of life.
We rely on proven diagnostic methods, years of experience, functional treatment protocols and certified, cutting-edge dental materials in order to provide safe, pleasant and lasting dental care.
We build our doctor-patient relationships on honesty, trust and empathy. We consider each patient individually and direct all of our attention toward finding the right solution based on their needs and financial possibilities.
We help people improve and maintain the health of their smiles every day. By combining art, science, experience and technology, we make function and esthetics the bases for oral health, today and in the future.

Why Choose 4Smile?

You will be convinced during your first visit!


Years of experience and a highly educated staff are our main assets.


Our practice is equipped with
cutting-edge gear and
certified materials.


There is nothing more important than a trusting patient-doctor relationship, which is something we can guarantee.


4Smile Dental Center provides its patients with all dental services.


In modern dentistry, a quick reaction is what really matters. We react promptly and are available to our patients 24/7.


The cozy atmosphere in 4Smile Dental Center makes you and your teeth feel at home.

GCR-certified quality.

The Global Rating Clinic (GCR) is an international organization which rates medical institutions all over the world.


In their hands your teeth are the safest.
Doctor of dental medicine
Public relations manager
Office manager

Team work is instrumental for the success of every business environment

In 4Smile Dental Clinic, there is no “me.” Just US.

Efficient teamwork and good patient communication can help prevent mistakes, dissatisfaction with the service and complaints on medical workers. Many studies emphasize the value and benefits of teamwork, but perceive organization and realization as its greatest limitations. 4Smile Dental Center acts as a big family, which is also how we approach our patients – we perceive each of them as a member and we are happiest when our family is well taken care of.